Sunday, April 19, 2015


Already been 2 weeks of work life, I'm still fine and able to handle :) God bless!
The first weekend of work life, went back to Kuantan to restocked my daily skincare. I had decided to change to Clarins after realizing recently my face condition stay the same. No improvement like last time. I don't care pay expensive for a good skincare but if it doesn't has any improvement, why waste money still using the same brand? 😤 

Choosing Clarins because my mom had started using this brand few months ago and I noticed the dark spots on her face visibly reduced and her face so smooth, like smoother than mine 😭 

Going to Kuantan must visit Daiso. I like everything selling there, so 'modern' all the stuff there hehe... Also cute!
Happy purchases from Daiso ❤️ 

My endless story of Iphone casings...

Must act cute when using this cute baby milk bottle case 😂😂 

One of my wish list ticked! 
Had always wanted to buy a Vespa for my dolly friends.  I found from EBay but the price is terribly high 😖😖 
Finally the chance came. My brother-in-law(Mr Hubby's brother) went to China for business trip. I sent him the pic of Vespa with Blythe and ask for his help to find 1 for me. There is a few colours, and I had chose this mint colour. Looks so sweet and classic 😊 

Really thanks so much for his help. He always never fails in helping me finding my wish list hehehe!!! And as always, it is a gift, count like souvenir for me 😁

I will continue tomorrow about a sweet friend who keeps on pampering me with lots of Hello Kitty, if time allow. 
As tomorrow is Monday.. Hope don't have any Monday blue 😜 


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