Sunday, April 26, 2015

Japan loots(ミ・。・ミ)

Busy with works.. Today only can share the post here :)
Before that, gonna throwback to yesterday's pampering time.
Finally a bit of time pampering my feet. Doing treatment and pedicure ❤️
It had been like over a year I didn't do pedicure..haha!! And also will try to book facial appointment next weekend.

Here's what I got from my dear friend, Meijoyce
More & more Hello Kitty angpaos (red packets). There is 3D designs and it is super cute!!
Not only this, she sent a lot of Hello Kittysss for me ❤️❤️❤️
Hello Kitty X Peko container 
and some chocolates. At first, I thought these are sweets, till I opened and realized they are chocolates 😆😆

Hello Kitty sticky notes from USJ ❤️
She knows I need a lot of cute stationery now especially it is Hello Kitty one, as I had a planner now. Hehehe!!

See how cute they are!!

Hello Kitty die-cut postcard from Japan. This is also I like the most!! As it is in die-cut shape 😱😱😱
When can I have the chance to go to Japan? Will I have the chance? I must really start saving now so when I have the chance to go to Japan, I can shop non-stop hehehe....

She went to Bangkok which is a commonly trip and bought me this!
Hello Kitty magnet and postcard from Sanrio Hello Kitty house. Such a sweetheart ❤️

I had actually asked for her help to help me buy this Revoltech Hello Kitty X Peach collaboration figurines from Japan airport. This Revoltech version is the cutest(I think) because it is in pink, purple and white! 
I had the blue & white one.
And now this added to my collection.
It contains only 1 Hello Kitty body with 2 faces which is changeable. I use photo blend app to blend 2 photos together. That's why you see there is 2 Hello Kitty. No regret buying this! Can't describe how cute is it. Hehehehe...

Another set I bought from her is this Cup-no Hello Kitty X Fuchiko set.
They are so so so cute right!! 1 of my online friend gave me a good idea. She said if bring this out to take pic with nice food, sure very cute. Ya hor... Why I didn't think of it? This also can put on the bowl too. But I kept forgetting putting this little figurine into my bag..😅 
Secret set is Fuchiko holding Hello Kitty head. Actually this isn't the complete set. Because a set contains 12pcs, which is 5 doubles,1 additional figurine and 1 secret. Means the complete set will be 7pcs including the secret one. Meijoyce bought 2 sets so she can only sell a set with secret figurine and a set with the additional figurine so that she won't have extra set with her. Therefore, I still lack 1 of the additional figurine which is Hello Kitty & Fuchiko sit side by side. 😔 

But, never mind. Not in hurry getting the missing one. 
Besides Hello Kitty, floral stuff is my favourite too.
Still not over with all these floral stuff. 

Got myself this lips iphone 6 flip cover. 
So chio right!! Haha!! If you interested, can contact me. I have this lips flip cover extra 1pc for iPhone 6. Contact me for price and payment details. You can find my contact details by clicking the word Bio at the sidebar in Webmistress category :)

 Gonna end today's post with my lovely youngest daughter, Justina.
She is now 3 years 11 months.
Grow up way too fast..

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