Sunday, April 5, 2015

Work for the FIRST TIME!(ミ・。・ミ)

Tomorrow I will start working!! 
Ah...Working life! What I had always wanted to try :)
Thanks to mother-in-law for suggesting work in her office.
My work time is flexible, also arranged by my MIL. 
4 hours a day. And Saturday maybe half day or I can choose 
not work. Is up to me. Sunday off day,that's for sure!
I can't work long time yet because after my kids off from school,
I need to care for them. No one care for them.
Therefore,such brilliant idea from my MIL.
I can try working life and at the same time,still can handle my little family.

So,let's see how it works! :)
A bit excited plus nervous actually.
Because this is the FIRST TIME I work with others.
I didn't have a chance to join the workplace since I got married.
Bless me.

Still never end with gifts!
This is another lovely priceless gift from a dear online friend, Niji (@nijilok in Instagram).
Thanks for handmade this 3D Hello Kitty iphone pouch.
Even the My Melody packaging also cute!! 
You all can support this pretty girl if you are interested in handmade items
or Tamagotchi. She sells Tamagotchi too.

My Kikki K need a bit freshness!
I modify 1 of the divider. Stick some of the Hello Kitty sticky notes
on it. Tomorrow this planner will contribute a lot haha!!
Btw, I had ordered a new gold planner. Wait till it arrive to me...
Can't imagine myself ordering a gold one this time.
I mean,I always go for pink colour..But this time the gold one attracts me!
Mr Hubby said it right! He once said,"When a people starts to grow up, 
his/her behaviour and taste will change too."

When we go shopping or eating outside,
there is always people saying my youngest daughter look alike
 Grace jiejie, Malaysian singer Gary Chaw's daughter.. Is it??
I always got comment like that haha!! 
But,personally think got a bit alike only..=)

Hopefully tomorrow will runs smoothly.

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