Thursday, April 2, 2015

Endless G.I.F.T(ミ・。・ミ)

Post throwback pics first hehe...
Posted last last Wednesday on my social network site.
On Wednesdays,we wear PINK.
Recently I like arranging items like above pic and take a photo of it.
I'm not an expert photographer :) 
Bear with me hehe...

Endless giftssss...
All these are from sweet @aniemhanima (Instagram)
All my online friends are so amazing!!
They are kind,sharing is caring and sometimes sending lil gifts to me.
I return back gifts to them too :)
So,this sweetie girl sent me A4 file,3D angpaos (red packets),
chocolate in coin shape, lots of candies & Hello Kitty point pads.
Ahh...still curious what is this point pads. All in Japanese words.

 Another lovely gift is Hello Kitty cape coat with hood from dear Stephanie
(my Facebook friend).
This lovely cape coat with hood is from Hong Kong ❤️
Me wearing the cape coat..>.<

Throwback pic again hehe...
Today's post mostly all throwback pic.
Iphone case that has perfume smell & Viva La Juicy perfume.

My crazy addiction towards floral things..
From phone cover to watch.I want everything in floral,please! Haha..
Just saw a Forever New Taylor Medium planner which is in FLORAL design too!!!
I must get it but it is SOLD OUT online and mostly all the Forever New outlet!!
Please someone tell me,where I can get it.
Can't wait so I had ordered a new GOLD planner.
Wait till it reach me,I will update here =)
But,I still want to get this floral planner.
Inform me if anyone knows where can buy this.

Have you bought the latest Iphone 10??
My Iphone 10 lol...

Too obsessed with Iphone haha!!
My latest theme, Little Twin Star.
For your info,only a JAILBROKEN IPHONE can set themes.
I get asked a lot of times "How to do this?"
So,if your iphone not jailbroken, definitely cannot set themes!
So,for those of you who had a jailbroken iphones
and you know how to download and set theme,
you can visit my Iphone goodies blog: 

Some are freebies :)
Make sure you read the post.
Sayonara! I want to continue online shopping for some 
cute stationery for my planner :)

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