Friday, October 28, 2016

Hello Kitty X McDonald's

This time I will be sharing about Hello Kitty X McDonald's 
from Hong Kong McD.

Hong Kong McDonald's released 
Summer Hello Kitty in Fruits Costume Plushies Set.
Or some called it, McDonald's X Hello Kitty & Sanrio Characters
Fruity Troops Collector's Kit. 

I got myself full set,6pcs of mini plushies & the picnic bag +
 4 mini plushies which is limited to McCafe & McDelivery orders
in Hong Kong.

They are so cute in round mini shape.
Not like the usual plush size from McDonald's.
But,it is cuter!!
There is a picnic bag included in this set. 
I used the picnic bag to put my water bottles & sport clothing 
to work. As I straight change into the sports clothes when I finish work.
Mr Hubby & me will go jogging straight once he comes fetch me 
back from work.  Such healthy lifestyle,right? Hehe...

So,anyone of you who wanna get yourself 1 set of this McD Hello Kitty,
can contact me ya. I'm selling ready stock, you can choose to buy complete full set
or without the 4 limited plushies. Guarantee reasonable price :)

This is a McDonald's X Hello Kitty figurine keychain,
gift from my supplier. It is from McD Malaysia back in year 2000.

Hello Kitty 3D Character Mask Pack from Watson's Malaysia.
2 colours available. I haven't try it yet.
But, from the packaging, I think this face mask is not in white colour only.
It has Hello Kitty face printed on the face mask,
so when you putting it on,you will become Hello Kitty..Hahaha!!!

And KitKat Malaysia surprised us.
KitKat X Hello Kitty from The Store Supermarket or 
now Tesco also available. It comes with a water bottle.
What's so special about the water bottle? 
Its cover!! the special part of the bottle is the cover with 2D bow. 

2 colours available too. But recently, my friend said there is another colour,
PINK!! Not in The Store,but in Tesco. I so wanna get it. I'm asking
my friend's help to get it. 

TGIF! Yes,tomorrow is holiday again. 
I will be going to KL for 3rd gatherings of our 
Hello Kitty small group gathering.
So excited as this time,there will be a lucky draw
organized by my best online-friend, Angel.
I like all the Hello Kitty items that she bought for us.
Even we will get randomly,but every of the Hello Kitty items
is nice. Not that any 1 is not cute...hehe!!

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