Sunday, October 30, 2016

#hksgg 3rd Gathering

Our #hksgg ( Hello Kitty Small Group Gathering)
3rd gathering took place at Fullhouse Signature,
Sunway Pyramid. 

Before I went to Sunway, we went to Pavilion
to shop for my birthday gift :)
Luxury birthday gift ever from Mr Hubby!

Actually this shoulder bag is not new arrival.
The salesgirl told me but I still prefer this classic design
over the latest new design. And this time, I wanna get a shoulder bag 
instead of tote bag. I had too many hand carry tote bag..hehe..
I chose this brown colour over the red one.
Seeing the real one,I prefer brown to red.

Thanks Mr Hubby for always spoiling me. 

I arrived late. As raining quite heavily,traffic jams too.
I hate going to Sunway Pyramid because often traffic jams.

This time gathering also celebrating 2 October & 1 November babes'
birthday. Eva & me,both October babes while Ellianna (the one wearing blue Polo T)
is November babe :P
The cupcake made with love by 1 of our member, Ariel.
Such loving gift,isn't it? She even brought candle
for us to blow. *touched

Daughters :)
As always,they followed me too.

These are the lucky draw Hello Kitty from Japan all sponsored by our group sexytary, Angel.
I like all of them,but especially like the 3D container. 
Try guess which one I got. I will reveal the answer in my next post :)

The pink Hello Kitty X KitKat Water Bottle, exclusively at Tesco.
Thanks to Angel helping me to buy it from Tesco.
My town doesn't have Tesco :(

Completed 3 colours.
Faster go grab yours before they are sold out!

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