Monday, October 25, 2010

toothbrush holder✿◕‿◕✿

It had been such a long time i didn't update my bloggie.
i am very very very lazyPhotobucket
Sleep,eat and sleep again and eat again.
That's what i do for nearly a month.
Even checking ePhotobucket,login facebook account seems like
a hard job for me.
The itchiness already gone but another sickness is herePhotobucket
Not morning sickness,is nightPhotobucket sickness.
Whenever night arrives,i feel unwell,
wanna vomit...
Not only that,i am not very like to eat ricePhotobucket.
Maybe,my unbornPhotobucketbaby dislike the smell of PhotobucketPhotobucket
But,i am not craving for any foodsPhotobucket,weirdo me.
i crave for shoppingPhotobucketPhotobucket,i want to shopsPhotobucketPhotobucket for just everything.
i had changed my toothbrush holderPhotobucket.......againPhotobucket
This time nicer & cuter.
It is a whole PhotobucketPhotobucket body toothbrush holder.
Which my Photobucket got sell but is now all sold out.
It is better to choose the toothbrush holder which cover your toothbrush.
That will be more hygiene.
My story till here.Bubye....Photobucket

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