Thursday, March 17, 2011

NDSL suit✿◕‿◕✿

Today,i want to share about NDSL PhotobucketPhotobucketpouch.
i had ordered this just after Chinese New Year but
it arrive in the month of March.
It took about 1 month + to reach me Photobucket
What happens to the sellers of ebay?This is the first time
i experienced such a long time delivery.
Normally it only took about 2-3 weeks to reach me.
Photobucketay,back to my  suitPhotobucket

So,the above picture is combination of 3 pictures.
The small picture at the top right side is the back of the PhotobucketPhotobucketpouch.
This PhotobucketPhotobucketpouch is specially for .Therefore,my  fits perfectly in it.
i already had a PhotobucketPhotobucketpouch to keep my .The reason to buy this PhotobucketPhotobucketpouch
is because of my  is nicely decorated with so many faux pearls,
diamonds and charms.So,it need a very suitable PhotobucketPhotobucketpouch 
to keep it in place, so that the decorations won't fall out.
The below left side is the inside view of the PhotobucketPhotobucketpouch.
There is a compartment for you to put the extra stylus,
and also 3 compartments to put some extra memory card.
So if you want to get a   PhotobucketPhotobucketpouch,you can try at ebay~

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