Monday, March 14, 2011

kittymail n me✿◕‿◕✿

Yesterday i accompanied Mr Hubby attend
his friend's wedding dinner party.
This is the first time i attend a wedding dinner
along with an unborn baby.
Therefore i had chosen to wear a soft pink tube dress
with a big bow 
matching with a pair of black
checkered leggings.
Have a look~

Mr Hubby commented that i do not look like
a preggy mummy at all.i think this is the
effect of the big bow!

After the wedding dinner party came to the end,
Mr Hubby wanted to take a picture with his friend and wife.
Don't misunderstood.Mr Hubby isn't that short.His
another friend too.That's because the 2 of them
were standing a step lower.

Just now,i learnt a great lesson from Julia,
my cutie friend.i had downloaded Hello Kitty Mail
for my Iphone.The function of this application is
you can decorate emails with cute kawaii Sanrio characters.


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