Sunday, March 4, 2012

Anteprima & Samantha Thavasa✿◕‿◕✿

Friend,sorry for the long holiday!
My kitty blog is all filled with dust.
Recently i am busy with exploring my Iphone theme
and all those apps.
So,maybe next post i will share out my
fully in pink and kittylicious Iphone.

Today,i will share out my latest handbags.
Anteprima X Hello Kitty 3D bag.
i bought the smallest size.
As,in my humble opinion,
i think the big one quite ugly.
Small is cute!
So,this bag quite heavy itself before 
you put anything into it.
Therefore,if you bought the big size,i think 
you will be like holding a few kg when you use the bag.
Got a lot of attention when i used this bag.
i love attention actually!!

And my most fave handbag for the moment is
Samantha Thavasa X Hello Kitty Liberty Print Shoulder Bag ♥ ♥
My sister saw this shoulder bag and she didn't know that
it got hello kitty printed all over the bag.
When i told her,"You see,how cute is the hello kitty 
all over the bag!"
She told me she now only realised.If i hadn't told her,
she do not know about it...
Anyway,even though the kitty isn't clear enough 
for others to notice,i love this bag to the max!
Only for the moment.In the future,maybe got another 
kittylicious bag will replace this. =)
Gotta go have a sweet chat with my mom!Bye!!

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