Thursday, May 3, 2012

Iphone theme(ミ・。・ミ)

Recently i am very addicted in making iphone theme,
just like some of my online friends.
i love being their friends.They shared a lot of fantastic theme with me.
Am greatly appreciated it.
Some of my friends are Megan,Princess Panya,
El,Kim.Frenchillo and a few.
So,i would like to share a new theme created by myself.
i named this theme,
Hello Kitty Face Shape with Pink Polkadot Bow Theme.
So,every icon is a kitty face.
And also a wallpaper by me,with word
Whoever loves pink and hello kitty,
you can get this from me.
But i charge for this theme.
As i put a lot of effort in making it.
Hope you all understand.
But i still got themes free to share with you all.

But,the weather widget is not included in
this theme.

So,there is a notifcenter by me.

A cute pinky hello kitty dialer.
Aww....i really heart this dialer! So sweet and cute,isn't it?

A sms theme together in this theme.
So,if you interested in getting this theme,
you can email me:
i charge USD0.99 for this theme.
i think is a reasonable price =)
This iphone theme is suitable for 
iphone ios5.

My lovely pink kitty keyboard.
Which is to be used with ColorKeyboard.
i share this for free.
Who interested to get this,i can email you.
Follow my Instagram and


iamPINKitty said...

aww so cute how can i get this?

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

Hi,Pinky. I make the theme myself.If you want,give me your email.i will send you details. :)

Hello Kitty Forever said...

Omigosh, I didn't know you made themes!! These are all so adorable btw, I love them!!

Makes me wish I had an iPhone just for these themes lol

btw, 3 days left to enter the Hello Kitty Forever giveaway to win some cool Hello Kitty prizes.

Lucia said...

Hi. Can you send me the hello kitty with the glasses and the big heart next to her? At the top status bar? Thank you so much!

Lucia said...

My email is, Thank you so much!

Jolene Lee <3 said...

Hi! How do I get Your Pretty themes? My email is

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

@Hello Kitty Forever,yeap,i just learnt making them. And i enjoy the process of it and also the outcome makes me feel satisfied and proud with my creation.

@Lucia,thanks for following my Instagram. Will be more themes in the future. =)

@Jolene,you can follow my Instagram to view all my themes. My username: MrskittyYi. Some of the themes are free to share.Only a part i charge.

-AKA-JoJoViVi said...

Hello babe , do you mind sending me your lovely pink kitty keyboard to me at ? Thanks alot with loves ! Loving my phone everyday cus of your themes. !!! ����

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

Hi, dear. i already sent.Thanks for following my Instagram. Appreciated.

yichuan said...

Hey pretty, can u send me the keyboard? thanks alot! <3

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

Hi,yichuan.Will send you as long as you are my Instagram followers XD

yichuan said...

Already followed! :D

Ashley Wong said...

i like tis hello kitty
can u send the theme for me?
my email is

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

@Ashley,i will send you details about this theme.

Ashley Wong said...

thx thx thx .......

Ashley Wong said...

can u send hello kitty assistive touch n hello kitty dialer for me?

d_best said...

I would like to buy this theme!! My email is I'm following you on Instagram. My name there is d_best! Thank you so much!

Jocelyn Foo said...

Yes! MrsKittyYi very good and creative made on iPhone theme all of her theme me love it very much I'll always support! Support! Support! You my dear ��

fion fion said...

Hi sweety , can u send tis theme for me ? My email fionfion555@hotmail .com
Thx alot

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

@fion fion,this theme i charge USD2 now..Please have a look at my iphone theme:

Tanya Corona said...

I just started following you on instagram and I love this theme! How do I go about getting it. Does it come with everything or do I have add it myself? I'm sorry I'm new to all this jail breaking stuff and I'm learning to costumize my phone but it's taking forever..

Ling jing said...

I like too. Can i get all?

pretty_in_heels said...

Hi mrs kitty i like ur iphone themes , can u send it to my email thank u!

Nikki said...

Hi, Could you tell me where you got the hello kitty htc widget? i have been searching all over goggle. but i can't find it! appreciate it!

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

Hi to all.This theme made by me which i charge USD3. If you are interested,please email me and i will let you know the payment details.

Sakura Yamashita said...

Hi MrsKitty,
I really love this theme and the SMS theme, I also want the strawberry where it shows the hello kitty head indicator too.
So can you email me and let me know the details for these themes?
I really want them.
Here's my e-mail:

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

@Sakura Yamashita, you can get more details about this theme in my iphone theme:

Monique Manansala said...

Hi how can i get ur themes? :)
This is my email..

Monique Manansala said...

Hi Mrs Kitty.. Im really a fan of you.. U really do cute themes.. How can i get it?? And do u have themes for iphone 3g?? Please email me..
Can u make themes for iphone 3g?? Please

Olivia Johnson said...

Can You Send Me This

Blah Mia Mia said...

Hi dear ! I love sanrio characters too :) can you send me the details for the keyboard ? this is my email : thanks ! ^^ xx .

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

@Olivia Johnson, @Blah Mia Mia,
Please visit my iphone goodies blog for further details:

Ruvy jean Tampus said...

hi miss kiitty ! i follow ur instagram my email ruvyjeantampus@

please send me :)

by the way i was already purchase u some themes u give me free carrier name but i restore my iphone can u make me one same ruvy please ! i already follow you before to my old account . check ur gmail ...

my username instagram ruvytampus
hope u send me this themes
thanks !

VMT said...

wow so cute . How can i get this? Thanks!

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

@VMT, please refer to my iphone goodies blog for latest news of themes.

Vernissa Toh said...

Hi can send me all the hello Kitty theme that u have show us. Thks babe ,my email is

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

@Vernissa, please refer my iPhone goodies blog: for further details :)

I don't send theme individually via email now.

Ahyen Ledesma said...

i wNt this please send it to me. heres may email thankyou

🐻Princess🍑Momo🐻 said...

I was wondering if any of your themes are for andriod if so i want the sms theme

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

@princess momo, this theme doesn't have for android,but i have other android themes. You can visit my smartphone goodies blog for more details:

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