Friday, May 11, 2012

More Hello Kitty Loots(ミ・。・ミ)

Is my pinkish laptop kittylicious?
So, this is a plush cover for laptop or any LCD monitor.
i am selling this.READY STOCK! But in limited quantity.
For sure,i will grab the pink for myself.There is white colour available.
Whenever i bring my lappie out with me,
Surely it got a lot of attentions. 
People will like 'aww' 'ohh'
cute-nye...(our Malaysia language)
[i am quite proud actually]
My another Hello Kitty Cosmetic Box
to put all my daily skin care when i go travelling.
This is the most cute i think,because it is in hello kitty face shape.
And also sweet pink face.

For my daughter's bathroom.
Hello Kitty Water Heater Shower Head.
For your info,it is suitable for any standard size,the normal one
shower head pipe.
About the volume of the water,this depends on the water pressure.
Therefore,no relevant with the shower head.
i can't fix this to my bathroom because i am using 
AromaC Spa Shower to beautiful smooth skin.Hehehe...
So,that one need to put Lavender or Lemon refill cartridge.

Got this quite a long time.
 A product from Watsons Malaysia.
i can't find it in the nearest Watsons.
i had been to a few Watsons but failed to find this.
i asked my facebook friend,Kathleen who is also my 
customer to help me buy this from KL.
Yeap,i got it.Hello Kitty shower gel & towel set.
If it is in pink,that will be great!!! Haha...
im just so in love with PINK.
And now there is this Hello Kitty X Downy
fabric softener.
My living area is such a small town.Every thing also
slow to reach here.
Therefore,will try my luck later when i go Kuantan.
Hope i can buy a Downy Kitty there and upload the pic
for you all..

Mrskitty Yi


leafheart said...

How much is the kitty's laptop cover~~~~ so cute~~~~ din hv pink colour ady?

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

@leafheart,that is a pink colour. It is RM28 if im not wrong. Please refer to my online shop.Facebook acc: KittyYi SweetSweetshop

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