Tuesday, May 22, 2012

iphone goodies(ミ・。・ミ)

My iphone is just so lucky.
Don't you think so?
The latest 3D Hello Kitty back cover for my iphone.

Hello Kitty crystal home button sticker.
i don't want to use those normal sticker.
This will definitely fits nicely and can keep me to use it longer.

Hello Kitty mini USB charger with flashlight.
How many chargers that i have exactly?
Haha...4? 5? Or even 6? i really can't remember.
That is why Mr Hubby always complaining me 
impulse buying,buying things that i not really need it.
i bought it because of hello kitty...XP

Another design of charger.
This is cuter.A hello kitty face.

Hello Kitty USB charger for iphone.
This can be used with laptop or pc.
Very convenient.So,when you forget to bring your charger,
and there is a laptop,you have this USB charger,DONE!

Hello Kitty head shape clip pouch with marshmallows.
Finish ate all the marshmallows.Yummy!
This clip pouch can fit my iphone.Quite big.
That's all for today's sharing.Gonna do some ordering with my supplier
before heading to bed.Need to help my customers summit their orders 
to the supplier and also my orders! Yeah...Shopping time now.
im always that happy and cheerful.No things can make my me unhappy
unless i can't shopping.Hehe...

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