Wednesday, May 23, 2012

All the way from Korea(ミ・。・ミ)

i really hate people who act like they are so famous,
not replying comments that others left for them.
Or are they pretend they do not saw the comments,
or too busy,notifications overload? 
Or whatever lame excuses they can thought of.
This so called 'famous' people will only replied 
those others who always praise them.!! These kind of people,pleaseeeee
got out from my life!
It's ok you want to be around me,
im not scare of you.i have Mr Hubby to protect me.
Some of you will also encounter this type of person.
The world is such a big big place where there is many kinds of people
living in it.Be happy,and just ignore them.You will still survive without them.
Don't you?? Just don't let them make you unhappy.
Ok,i will make you happy by sharing my hello kitty goodies 
all the way from Korea this time.
Hello Kitty ironing board cover.

Hello Kitty mini digital clock for the car.
Mr Hubby's car.It is his idea to put in his car.
OMG!! He gets my obsession towards hello kitty too. =P

Hello Kitty lunchbox with a die-cut hello kitty bag.

Hello Kitty mini face shape nightlight.
Till now,i still don't know where to use this.
My own room already had a kitty nighlight,
both my daughters too.
My sis doesn't need one as she likes Rilakkuma.
Well,keep it as collections,maybe? 

Hello Kitty magnetic clip.
A cute one.To help brighten up my work desk.
So,you wish to have all these kitty goodies?
Yes,add Hyeon Jong( in facebook.
She is a friend of mine who lives in Korea.
She online sell all these hello kitty stuff from Korea.
Gotta go! Bye!

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