Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My precious(ミ・。・ミ)

Hi.Curently typing very very fast to update this post.
Baby J is sleeping now.So,i have a lil time to drop by here.

Riding time!!
So,every evening around 6pm,
me & Mr Hubby will bring them riding their bicycles 
around the neighbourhood.They are so enjoy and excited
when it is 6 everyday.
Mr Hubby & i will be walking,pushing Baby J
while my elder daughters cycled.

Everyone says my elder daughter is super thin. 
Can't u see she is just like her mom? 
How fat u want her to be? 
Fat or thin isn't the most important compare to health. 
She is healthy without any sickness is what I hope for~
She will be 9 years old next year.
Still can't believe i had a daughter so big..

When boredom attacks,
see what my 3 precious are doing with 
my cute hello kitty cushion
 which has a hole in the middle..>.< 
They are growing very fast.

Ok,so here's an update of my latest photo.
Look different? Not me? 
That's the comment i got in facebook & instagram.
Yes,it is me! Without smiling face~
Normally all my photos,im smiling but not this.
Acting cool actually...haha!!
Mature? Yes,poeple will grow up
become mature...
Without make-up too...That is photo apps result.
So,this Thursday,i will perm back my hair.
Finally say goodbye to my messy-not-so-straight-hair.

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