Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sanrio Gift Gate(ミ・。・ミ)

Last Sunday i followed Mr Hubby to KL to fetch
his brother to KLIA.
There is a little bit time before we head to the airport. i suggest to 
Sunway Pyramid because i knew Sanrio Gift Gate shop there had just opened.
Hehehe... Mr Hubby told his brother that if we went there,few hundred ringgits GONE.

This will be the 2nd round Christmas gift from Mr Hubby 
The 1st round is also Hello Kitty loots which i got from Pavilion HK fair.

i seldom buy Hello Kitty bag,unless it looks special & rare.
But this,i need to get it because it is the 40th Anniversary design.
Celebrating Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary next year =)

 the repeated print so much.

Besides the shoulder bag, this My Melody calculator also i like most!
Cute right? How can i stop myself from buying this?! i know i already had a few calculators..
but,adding 1 more, won't hurt...hehe :P

Another Hello Kitty Dress-Up Figure.
i got 3 earlier from the HK fair in Pavilion. And according to Meijoyce,
there is this 1 more. Now,i had it too! But, *heart attack* Meijoyce said there is another
1 more design...>.< Still searching for it..That one is wearing polkadot dress.

Jewelpet candy watch. Available Hello Kitty design too,but not really 
fond of the dark blue,dark red & dark green colour of the bead for the kitty design,therefore
i chose Jewelpet. This colour looks sweeter..

Hello Kitty Nerd Pen Stand.
i had 1 pen stand which is Hello Kitty Leopard design.
Also think i can't miss this too. Adorable!

Hello Kitty hair pin for me? is for my daughters,but they don't want to
wear it. They said kinda childish! old are they to say this childish?
Nowadays kids are so so so mature..:P
So,will be for my dolls' hehehe..

Only bought this from Sanrio Gift Gate. 
i will visit the shop again to see got any new arrivals.

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