Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tiny Lil Things(ミ・。・ミ)

Yeah...more goodies for my dolls.
i bought 3 sets & the seller free 1 outfit for me.
That's so good!

In case anyone here needs her details,you may add her Facebook account.
There is also her LINE username. She is from Thailand & she ships worldwide too.

#1 Chilli red gown.

#2 Minnie hairband & princess tube dress.

#3 Simple blouse & boot cut jeans.

Free outfit from the seller! Quite funny overall...lol..
Don't you think? If it in human size,i think i not dare to wear it out.

IKEA furniture set for 1:6 size doll. That's include for Blythe doll too.
This set include a pink sofa,a yellow plastic chair,a green plastic table,a white display cupboard,
a red heart shape pillow,black & white stripe carpet & also some clock,vase,fruit bowl,sparrow all 
in cardboard material.. Seen a lot Blythe collectors also had this IKEA set. 
Yes,because in 1 set of furniture,the price is reasonable. Costs me RM80++ like that.

Bikini set also for my dolls. Earlier bought 1 bikini set which is in red polkadot.
While this one is pink polkadot & also a beverage bottle which the size suits my
dolls perfectly. Except the sunglasses included...too small for my doll. i think it suits Barbie doll
more...because Blythe's head is bigger.

Guess what is this?? Hehehe...

This is super cute! Fashionable pink sunglasses for my dolls.

Annabelle: Who can help take a pic of me wearing the new sunglasses?

Annabelle is feeling so annoying with Cindy who continuously playing with her iphone & ignoring Annabelle.

Just a comic version i made about them.

More updates post in my Dayre actually..
You may visit my Dayre even you don't have Dayre app installed.
Here's the link: http://dayre.me/mrskittyyi

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Anonymous said...

Moi ce sont des pullip que j'ai ^^ j'ai le modèl banshee et shan-ria ;D je ferais des photo de elles avec mon futur tamagotchi ps

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