Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cute lil things(ミ・。・ミ)

What happened with BlogTouch app??? I had just finished writing this post and press Publish...then like usual will go out to the menu, thought already publish but then check ,refresh, my post GONE! Shit!! Now I need to write again...

Received these 2 last week. The My Melody drawing is from the seller. Very nice drawing hehe.. She handmade charms and pouch for sale. If you followed my Instagram,then you can find the seller,I got tag her in my pic.

Another drawing from her.. Ordered 2 My Melody charms ,1 is for myself while another for my online friend who likes My Melody too. Didn't get Hello Kitty one because I saw it not very nice.

The other one is a Hello Kitty key pouch handmade from an online friend of mine, Monice. She went to Taiwan holiday and bought the Hello Kitty fabric from there. Handmade out a key pouch using the fabric.
Lovely message from her. 
Her handmade is so neat and tidy, just like she bought it hehe..if I didn't read her message, I thought she bought it from Taiwan. 

My lil naughty girl injured her ear when she ran fast in home and fell down,knocked down to the bottom part of the living room table. This happened last Saturday and had brought her to the doctor.
Already opened the bandage,she is fine now. 
Oh ya..about my sister, she is now working as a barista. That day, I requested her to calibrate a Hello Kitty for me. She said it is difficult and she hasn't learn yet. But she tried it and here's the result hehe
Even though not look like Hello Kitty hehehe, but I like it. She is very talented! Learnt not more than 2 months already can calibrate the basic one like heart shape and tulip. I'm proud of her!  

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