Friday, November 14, 2014

Iphone 6~This & That(ミ・。・ミ)

I'm a happy girl lady...AGAIN!
I got my Iphone 6 last Saturday.
I didn't expect they do delivery on Saturday :)
Actually I'm quite disappointed with Maxis customer service.
I like using Maxis but they should improve their customer service.

I called 123 and ask the exact date when I can receive my Iphone 6.
They cannot tell and can't even give the tracking number!
You bought cheap stuff online,and you have tracking number for it.
This is an expensive stuff(Iphone 6) and you told customer
How to make customer not worry!!

I can't stay at home everyday till I got the 6 right?
Then, if I need oustation how?
Luckily I got my 6 on last Saturday. 
Saying no 3rd party can represent to
sign the package,but guess what??
Mr Hubby signed it for me! 
Ok, anyway,it reached me safely and I'm happy lah...=)
So,don't wanna complain.

This is my earliest 11th wedding anniversary gift from Mr Hubby ❤️

As told in my Dayre earlier, I had chosen the 6 instead of 6+.
It is because:
1. I think the 6+ too big for me.
2. I think the 6 not too big and not too small.
3. Bigger space or bigger screen? I choose bigger space.
Because if I want both bigger space and screen,it costs more..:(

It is super SUPERRRRR GREAT!!!
No complain towards Apple.
Lol...I'm a die hard fans of Apple xP
No other smartphone can replace Iphone,that's my opinion hehehe...

Ok,back to my cute collection story.
Another new Dream TOMICA car added. It is My Melody.
My online friend,Meijoyce had helped me bought this during 
her trip to Hong Kong. She has always being so sweet and kind to me.
I don't know what to say.

As usual, a lovely Hello Kitty mini card with message written.

Also some cute stationery stuff for me this time.
She knew that I had a planner now,and think I need all
of this cute Hello Kitty sticky notes and stickers.
Red packets which is Hello Kitty themed and a magnet.

Some of the stickers :)

Cute sticky notes, accessory clip rubber
and a super rock Hello Kitty X Tokidoki pen.

The only blue colour tank top that I ever had.
Not a blue fans myself, but....this tank top really caught my attention!
Wanna wear this to my next week short vacation to Langkawi :)

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