Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sandals~ My Choice

Today I wanna share with you all about the types of footwear.
There is high heels,wedges,flats,flip flops,sandals and etc.
Wearing high heels and wedges may look pretty 
and boost our confidence level in front of others.
However, it will be more satisfying for women to wear some flats or flip flops 
as an alternative choice of footwear to match with their outfits. 
Unfortunately, flip flops may be comfortable to wear 
but it somehow gives you that sloppy lazy appearance
and not too feminine,in my opinion. 
You don't pair a flip flops with skirt,right?

So,which footwear that not only can give you comfort and style
but you can also wear it to almost every kind of apparels?
I think sandals will be the best choice.
The definition of sandals:
Sandals are an open type of outdoor footwear, 
consisting of a sole held to the wearer's foot 
by straps passing over the instep and, 
sometimes, around the ankle.

There are various types of sandals for women to choose from 
to fit their own personal fashion taste such as gladiator sandals, 
platform sandals and even strappy sandals. 
Women can select from the wide sandals collection sold 
and start matching it creatively with their outfits. 
For the ladies who love the edgy design of the long gladiator sandals 
can match it with a dress or denim shorts. 
Expose the high strap gladiator sandals on your beautiful long legs while looking stunning as ever. Meanwhile, if you are more prone to the simple classic pair of gladiator sandals, 
it can be match with almost anything you wear. 

Some photos I got online :)
 Gladiator sandals,not only comfortable to wear,but is stylish too.

You can wear it with a simple dress :)

On the other hand, women who still want an extra height without having
 to bear the pain of high heels will definitely love the platform sandals. 
Platform sandals are designed with a 2 to 3 inch shoe sole 
to give women the feeling of being tall like a supermodel. 
Women can now switch the platform high heels with the fancy platform sandals which are comfortable to wear all day long. 
The best way women can pull off the platform sandals look is by pairing their women sandals with jeans for a tomboy character or a pencil skirt to look more feminine.

This can substitute the high heels.

Women who are looking for a more simple choice of footwear 
can opt for the normal pair of strappy sandals. 
Compared to flip flops, strappy sandals have buckles for you 
to have it grip well onto your foot perfectly. 
The strappy sandals can be worn with a dress, leggings, maxi skirt, 
jumpsuit and more without ever looking weird. 
The versatile strappy sandals for women are definitely one 
of the must-have pair of shoes to add into your fashion closet. 

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