Monday, November 24, 2014

Marc Jacobs(ミ・。・ミ)

Erm...I think I don't have anything to blog
about my shorttttttttt trip to Langkawi.
Actually it is just a short getaway for
family bonding time. Everyday,my parents and my sister
are busy with their works. Not much time spend together.
Therefore,we plan to go Langkawi to relax and bonding time.
The front beside my sister is my aunt(father's elder sister).
She also followed us to Langkawi because she seldom meet with
my father,so...also take this chance to have a long chat with her brother :)

Well,my 3 daughters were super excited. The 2 elders were very happy
as this is their very first airplane ride. While the youngest daughter was
a bit scared and kept on ranting she doesn't want to ride the airplane.
She wants to take bus instead haha!! 

I didn't buy a lot of things from my trip. 
Mostly selling there are perfume,chocolates,wine & cigarette.
Duty-free :)  
I decided to get myself perfume.
I'm not a perfume-holic, and never once use perfume before.
But,these Marc Jacobs perfume bottles caught my attention LOL!
So,I need to get used to putting on perfume now :)

Finally,my first few Iphone 6 covers reached me.
Super love the custom made photo covers. 
I had chose to put me and Mr Hubby's in comic version 
and the other one is my selfie photo...hehe!!
If you interested in any covers in above pic,can contact me.
I'm doing pre-order for all those covers :)

My only sister now had been transferred to work in Singapore.
Yeah!! Higherrrrr salary. She bought all these Hello Kitty sticky labels for me.
Very very useful for me for the moment,because I can use all of them
 for my Kikki planner. She always has my heart.
Whenever she sees any Hello Kitty item which I don't have,
she will buy for me :) But,I'm stingy haha!!
I think I seldom buy for her :( 
But,is fine lah...She never complains. Hehehe...

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