Sunday, November 23, 2014


I'm back from my short vacation to Langkawi
with my beloved family.
Will update post about the trip,maybe in my next post.
And I got sick after came back :(
Not only I sick,my daughters too. The weather there is hot,
not much rain and maybe seldom drink water.

Today wanna share about the items I got from Zalora.
-Shimmer tank and skirt suit set from F Block.
-Angel Wings sandals from Koumi Koumi.
(i haven't hear before this brand,haha!!)

I personally super like this angel wings sandals.
Cool!! Fashionable right?!

Photo of me wearing the sandals.
My legs so small hehe!! Too slim,I think ;P

So,you can drop by Zalora site,
to have a look,maybe some items might 
catch your attention..:)

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