Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hello Kitty From All Around the World(ミ・。・ミ)

Happy Birthday to my beloved Hello Kitty!!
I didn't celebrate Hello Kitty birthday. 
Staying at home during her birthday
yesterday. Didn't have chance go to Singapore for the
Hello Kitty run
(I'm so envy my online friends who went to the event)
also didn't go to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town in Johor.

Anyway,I managed to get the Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Music World 
figurines set from China McDonald's.

From left:
Hello Kitty Maraca Player
Hello Kitty Saxophonist
Hello Kitty Vocalist
Hello Kitty Guitarist

And I'm doing pre-order for this set of 8 
 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition Gift Set Hello Kitty toys 
from USA McDonald's.
They are SUPER CUTE!!!
I'm surely get 1 set for myself too.
Had always been a loyal collector for Hello Kitty X McDonald's 
toys and plushies.
When I get hold of these,I will share pics here :)

You know....finally I get to complete this
Hello Kitty Tokidoki sets.
10pcs of them can get from Shell Malaysia
(not sure whether now still available or not)
and the rest are from 7-11 Hong Kong year 2012 if I'm not 
remember wrong. They sit perfectly nice in the display box.
Luckily I bought 2 of the Tokidoki display boxes from Shell.
If not,sure not enough space for them xP

Didn't get the super limited edition ones but it is fine 
since I dislike black as the few limited edition ones are in
black and gold.

Updates for this week purchases:
Hello Kitty luggage

Purchased this over a year ago from a Facebook seller: De Sweetie.
Now only mount it to the wall :)

And a very HAPPY news! I successfully pre-ordered the Iphone 6 
from Maxis during its online launch on 31st Oct.
Now wait for delivery starting 6th Nov. 
Can't they make it faster? Can't wait to get my brand new Iphone 6 hehe...
I had been using the 4 for the longest time (4 years?)
and now I know,for the 6 too..
Think I won't change phone till maybe...maybe
the next Iphone release? :P

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