Wednesday, January 7, 2015

McDonald's X Hello Kitty(ミ・。・ミ)

Postpone this post so many times. I thought I can post it
before 2015 but already pass New Year.. My town,Temerloh
flooded serious last year. Almost the whole town flooded..except my
living 'taman'. Parents-in-law also flooded and they stayed with us during
the flood time.

After flood,everyone here was busy cleaning their home & shop.
Including my parents-in-law. Was helping them too,therefore can't update here.
And after almost all the work done,I only realized it is 2015 year now lol..

Now fast fast update you all what I got during the last month of 2014.
Complete set of Hello Kitty X USA McDonald's 40th Anniversary Collector's 
Edition Gift Set Figurines. 

The original packaging.
Inside each of the toy has a surprise gift.

#1  Hello Kitty Birthday Treat Toy.
Comes with a silicone bow bangle.

#2  Hello Kitty Birthday Gift.
Comes with a Hello Kitty shape charm.

#3  Hello Kitty Birthday Cupcake.
Comes with a cute Hello Kitty face shape ring.  

#4 Hello Kitty Birthday Invite.
With cute Hello Kitty stickers.

#5  Hello Kitty Birthday Balloon.
Comes with a mini comb.

#6  Hello Kitty Birthday Lollipop.
The lil surprise inside is a red whistle.

#7  Hello Kitty Birthday Fun.
Cute pink Hello Kitty face shape hair pin.

#8  Hello Kitty Birthday Surprise.
I think this is a mini photo frame keychain :)

I got do pre-order for this set actually,but now already closed.
Therefore,you may add me as friends in Facebook so that you
can keep up-to-date with all the pre-order Hello Kitty stuff
I will be selling :)

There is a small paper included inside each of the toy.
 It introduces about the McPlay app in App Store or Google Play.
I had tried searched for this app but not found.
I think only will appear when your country in App Store set to USA.

Another great find and now added to my McDonald's X Hello Kitty
collections is this:
35th Anniversary Hello Kitty X McDonald's Hong Kong KITTYLAB year 2009.
I'm a real McD fans lolol...
Lost count of how many Hello Kitty sets from Mcd that I had collected,hehe...
It is also a complete set.
(I think every Hello Kitty junkies wouldn't want to collect if it isn't a complete set,right?!)
Total of 6 cute Hello Kitty plushies and a cloud shape tote bag.

Hello Kitty Original.

Hello Kitty Pirate.

Hello Kitty Strawberry.

Hello Kitty Baby.

Dr. Kitty

Hello Kitty Devil.

If you have interest towards this set,I got do pre-order now too.
You can LINE/wechat mrskittyyi for price enquiry.
It is pre-order,not ready stock, unless you don't mind to get my set first :P

Will continue in next post about some other Hello Kitty purchases
and gift that I had received from amazing online friends.

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