Sunday, January 25, 2015


Finally I'm able to update about this post.
All about gifts that I received last month :P
Viva La Juicy perfume from Mr Hubby.
Christmas present...(last minute give,haha!!)
I was attracted by its bottle design actually hehe...
Anyway,the smell also nice,very sweet!

While this Kjeldsens X Hello Kitty butter cookies 
from my online dear, Xue Ting.
She bought this from her Hong Kong trip.
It came together with a file holder.
They all very got 'heart' towards me,but me.....
Hmmm...I think I should find some special gift to return back.

From sister-in-law(Mr Hubby's youngest sister)
She bought it a set with the perfume,but she didn't use lotion.
So,for me both the lotion and shower gel :)
I'm thinking maybe I'm really a good sis-in-law,as
she has 3 brothers,all married so means she has 3 sister-in-laws including me!
But,she only gifted me,not them. Haha :P

At first,thought this snail mail from Meijoyce already lost!!
Because the time she sent me this,my town flooded.
But,luckily...I got her mail!!
A very cute Hello Kitty in kimono display card and year 2015 calendar.
The die-cut Hello Kitty calendar,I had 3 for year 2013,2014 & 2015
All from my babe, Meijoyce.
She is such a dear to me. But,my surprise for her will soon reach. 
Hehehe :)

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