Saturday, January 10, 2015

Brother's Registration of Marriage Day(ミ・。・ミ)

Last Thursday was my brother and his gf-now-wife registration of 
marriage day. We went back to Kuantan to celebrate.
Yesterday having a small party at my parents' home,
inviting some near relatives and friends.
My brother decides to organize the wedding dinner party later.

This is my handsome brother hehehe...
And his gf-now-wife!!

This photo taken yesterday noon when everyone was busy 
helping decorating and preparing for the party. While I helping 
selfie only haha!!

Being a mom of 3, 
I will still get very excited seeing a helium balloon 
especially it is big and a heart shape. I know I'm childish but who cares lol..

See?? I'm so excited with all these balloons haha!!

Photo with Mr Hubby at JPN
(Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara)
(National Registration Department)

Photos all uploaded to my Facebook :)
Now continue back to my story of never-ending Iphone covers collections!
This custom made bling bling front & back screen protector 
and matching bling bling bumper case cost me quite a lot but worth it!! 
And it also goes well with the wing bling heart home button sticker.
What's even perfect is the back sticker is in pink. Finally a pink iPhone haha!!

Back to cute stuff.
Hello Kitty Go Around Iphone 6 cover  came 
with a dark pink long strap.
 It is super cute, even the packaging also cute 
don't feel like throwing the packaging box.

And Little Twin Star silicone cover!
This time I bought LTS instead of My Melody or Hello Kitty.
As compare the 3 designs,I think LTS cuter for this type cover.
Be prepare Iphone 6 will soon has as many covers as my old Iphone 4.

Some purchases from last year.
Hello Kitty face shape stool.

This Hello Kitty face shape string lights I got it long long time ago,maybe over 2 years
and now only took it out and hang it up. Luckily the lights still working.
If not,it will be such a waste!

Next week,school re-opens. And will back to busy schedule.
Fetching daughters. So,will try my best to update here :)
Goodbye & hope you'll have a nice weekend.

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