Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Okay, trying this new blogging app from AppStore called 'BlogGo for Blogger'. Now blogging from my iPhone :)

Hopefully it is the app that suits me. 

Throwback nail of the month of December.
Nah... That's not my nails!! It is stick-on nails. My nails are never, never long. I can't let them grow because the nails will hurt my skin. When I'm asleep, I tend to scratch myself  >.<

My Iphone 6 ❤️❤️❤️
Current homescreen. 
Yes, my iPhone is jailbroken. 
Ahh.. an iPhone which is not jailbroken is a just a dull phone..:P 

Super love the custom made blinged tempered glass screen protector stickers.
It makes my iPhone looks so classy,man!! 

Last week, went back to Kuantan to sit for the insurance exam. Yeah, I had joined the insurance world. Actually is my cousin asking me to join. I consider a while and think I can have a try since I'm not working right now. So, I had passed for the exam.
Whoever wants to buy insurance , can find me. I will try my best to assist you ;)

So, last week after the exam, went to East Coast Mall window shopping. Bought our Chinese New Year clothes and shoes. 
And also this:

New Hello Kitty window curtain for my daughters' bedroom. Now both of them sleep together in a room while the other room had became their study room and dressing room.

Time really flies...
My elder daughter now can share shoes with me. *happy jump*
We bought the same boots. Chinese New Year can wear same same. 
Till now, I can't believe I have an 11 year old daughter!! And although she is super slim, but she is tall. I think over a year or two, she will be taller than me.

This is my elder daughter, Daychelle latest photo.

Pretty isn't it?? Hehehe...

Guardian new arrivals.
New Hello Kitty tissue boxes design. 
And Hello Kitty bath kit.
The Hello Kitty bath lily is in pink! 
And also the body wash bottle design. 
Pastel pink ❤️❤️❤️
I always peek at Guardian to see whether got any new Hello Kitty stuff. This time got 2 new ones.. Satisfied :)

The iPhone 6 cover I ordered arrived.
This time, it is My Melody.

Recently starting to like My Melody. 
I think all the color combination of My Melody suits me! All in pink! 
Anyway, I still like Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty always will be my love hehe...
 My everyday job now is preparing lunch for 
my 2 gals. They have extra classes after school, so I need to bring food to them.

2 daughters but 4 lunch boxes!! 
No no, just for photo taking. I just used 2 of them for my daughters. Seeing nice lunch box and then bought it, resulting in a few of them now in my home. 

Okay, finally the end of the post. Gonna post it out and see how the result. If posting using this app will be the same just like posting using laptop, then I can blog often :) Such good news!!


εïзmummyHazaεïз said...

Even kakak 11 yr old, u still look gorgeous, maintain cun.. Hehehe like kakak wif adik je

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

@Mummy Haza, aw...thank you thank you :) Happy dengar hehe...

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