Monday, February 23, 2015

CNY trip(ミ・。・ミ)

Time flies really really fast. Today
already is the 5th day of Chinese New Year. And I already back from my CNY family gathering trip to Bentong-Port Dickson. 
This trip, 5 families, 5 2 bedroom family suite rooms, 5 cars total 27 people!! 

Otw to Port Dickson that day, 
a selfie in the car.

Such nice colour of my hair!! Now I'm so sad because the colour had changed to pink red!! I forgot to tie up my hair when we went to play in waterpark. There is chlorine in the water and now resulting my hair became like this( below pic )

No more purple!!! 😭😭😭
Next time, must keep in mind!!
More selfie photos. 

Taken at my aunt's (father's eldest sister) house in Bentong. 
With my sister.
Mr Hubby & my brother adding in.
My dad & my daughter like selfie too!!
My sister & I over expression. 
Pattern more than badminton.
I like this pic the most!! 
Very nice hehe ✌️✌️

Forgot to post this!
First selfie photo on first day of Chinese New Year.

My dad,my mom,my sister,my brother & his wife, Mr Hubby,me & my daughters wish all of you a prosperous Chinese New Year!

Hush Puppies groups❤️❤️❤️
After 20 years..😁😁
My dad shorter but handsomer! 😂😂

More photos already posted in my. Facebook. If you haven't add me as friend, welcome to add me in Facebook. 

This photo feels warm. Father & daughter with Hello Kitty luggage! 
I took this photo when we check out from Primaland Port Dickson.
Next post gonna share about my complete set of Hello Kitty Bubbly World combination from Mcd Singapore & Hong Kong. 
And also added new Pandora charms to my bracelet.

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