Tuesday, February 17, 2015


How are your Valentine's Day celebration? This year, Mr Hubby had prepared a small surprise! 😊 
At first, I thought I will get my V present late because Mr Hubby said he is busy and can't bring me to KL or Kuantan to buy V present for me 😔 
But, early Valentine's morning after breakfast, he told me that he had planned to go Kuantan to buy V present for me ❤️ 
Why not KL? Because he said my mom can help babysit our daughters and we can have a movie date
(Triumph in the skies)
 How nicely planned!!! So, the small surprise is the plan he planned 😁 
The present itself not a surprise because it is 1 of my wish list!
I told him I want a Pandora bracelet for this year Valentine's present.

My very first Pandora bracelet. 
And now, my most important mission is to collect more charms to fill in my bracelet. The charms I chose are all my favourite thing ❤️ 
I chose the cute airplane, crown and the pink Korean doll. The Pandora salesgirl said I like cute things as the charms I chose are all cute cute ones!
I wonder is it other people chose all mature mature charms?? Haha 😆😆 
I actually prefer the Japanese doll charm than Korean doll charm but the Japanese doll is in red, not pink!! So I chose Korean doll. 
Wanted to get the royal carriage, castle & crown charm but the Pandora outlet at East Coast Mall, Kuantan don't have the charms! Out of stock 😭😭 

So, I had searched at Pandora site for the charms that I want and save the pic, combine them to a collage.
The ingot silver charm had Mr Hubby's name, so I chose it. Mouse in the cup represent my chinese zodiac. 
Lucky cat, high heel & the dress are my favourite items. 
I like everything fairy tale...like carousel, royal carriage, castle & unicorn. 

Show Mr Hubby the above pic hehe!! He promise me to get all the charms for me to complete my bracelet. I'm really grateful to have him as my husband. I know I had said this many times but I still wanna say it. 
Even after married for 11 years, but he still treat me like the first time he meet me. His love never fade and he never change to another person after married. If given a chance for me to choose again, I will choose him again! 

Back to Hello Kitty story. 
This Hello Kitty height measurement chart is a gift from my sister 2 years ago!! And I only sticked it to the wall this year. I'm such a lazy lazy lazy lady!
Anyway, can use this to measure my daughters' height. 

I wonder if use this angpao, then inside must put large amount lor...haha!! Got this angpao set last year when Mr Hubby bought Coach wallet for me as Valentine's present. 
But forgot to share pic of this gold angpao. I'm not an angpao collector, but the design and the colour looks 'high class'. Hehehe😁😁😁 

Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year eve. Remember to back in time for reunion dinner.
 Hope every of my readers here has a prosperous Chinese New Year.

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