Saturday, February 7, 2015

Meh meh year(ミ・。・ミ)

This year is 'meh meh'(goat) year. 
Last year, I had rainbow colour hair. 
So this year a bit simple hehehe...
Golden brown for upper hair and purple for bottom hair. 
And I super like the purple!! 
Not the purple red like people often dyed.
Mine is purple!! 😍😍😍
And I'm satisfied that I still can maintain my body shape even already gave birth to 3 daughters. Just got a bit tummy fat
But Mr Hubby said it won't look nice if the tummy too flat. I wonder is it really true what he said??
Okay, so people keep on asking what's the secret to have such slim body?
No secret! REALLY NO! 
I didn't diet, didn't eat diet supplement or diet pills. I eat 3 main meals daily and sometimes even supper 🙊🙊
Luckily for me, still can slim and can eat delicious yummy food 😁

Act cute!! Haha!!
Mr Hubby said this photo not looks like me lol...
No edit, no make-up, no photoshop.
Not really the one who likes putting on make-up. Yes, you may look perfect putting on make-up but for long term, your skin worsen. Means when you didn't make-up, you look old 😱 
I prefer natural look. 
So, in this photo,you can see my freckles!!
My skin problem: FRECKLES.
I have quite a lot in my face..😭😭

Another selfie in car,which my youngest daughter spoilt it with her slipper lol..😂😂
So coincident her slipper covered half of my face. 
Ahh... I'm so in love with my new hair colour!! 

Pinching her dad's ear..😂😂
His little wife.
How many % alike?
100% hehehe...
Just a short post updating our 
latest photos. 
Sorry, no photo for my 2 elder daughters. As they are busy busy with school works.. So I seldom disturb them for a photography lol..

Forgot to upload this photo.
My little girl with her cousin.
Like same hairstyle 😁😁

Victoria's Secret for my baby Iphone 6.
Still Using this cover now..😄 
Yeah... I had a few new covers for my iPhone that haven't arrive. On the way..I know I'm such an Iphone-cover-holic. 😜

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