Friday, February 27, 2015

Hello Kitty Bubbly World & CNY gifts(ミ・。・ミ)

I had too many nice things to share with you all!! Don't know wanna start which first 😝 But surely must share about this Hello Kitty Bubbly World collector plushies set which I got last year from McDonald's Singapore. McDonald's Malaysia also released later on but without Pompompurin. 
I got the other 2 special edition from McDonald's Hong Kong before Chinese New Year. Han-gyodon (the blue monster) & Daruma Kitty~
Han-gyodon can get if you order McDelivery while Daruma, you can get if you buy the whole set 😱😱 
I'm lucky to get Daruma kitty in a reasonable price!! Both from Hong Kong friend. 
Just in time for reunion this Chinese New Year! My complete complete set of Hello Kitty Bubbly World ✌️✌️
More pics of Han-gyodon & Daruma.

I like Han-gyodon more!!!
Looks cuter 😅😂 
But surely must also get Daruma to complete a set ✌️ 
Hope other country's Mcd won't release any extra Bubbly World plushie which I don't have. 

Back to my latest addiction..
Guess what!! I'm so addicted with Pandora recently. During CNY trip that day, after check out from Primaland Port Dickson, my cousin brought us to Palm Mall, Seremban. Window-shopping always is my full-time job 😝😜 
Found Pandora shop and went in look look. Came out with 3 more charms!
My CNY present from Mr Hubby & my brother. The unicorn dangle charm is from my brother ❤️ 
While the silver ingot charm & eternal hearts safety chain are from Mr Hubby❤️❤️
All the Pandora charms that I chose are my favourite and has meaning leh..
The silver ingot got Mr Hubby's name in Chinese 财. That's the reason I chose it. Besides, it means money 😆😁 

Very very sweet hor...☺️☺️
Few more to go to complete it 💪💪

Little Hello Kitty stuff from my sister.
Hello Kitty wet wipes and plasters from Guardian, Hello Kitty & Mimmy cake shop blocks. She bought it from Singapore. Till now, haven't unpacked the blocks and build it 😅

Throwback to this photo which I had posted few weeks ago in my Instagram.
Actually just a way for me to show friends that I had the #88lovelife book.
And everyone likes this photo because it is so PINK!!!
But.. Really! My handbag must have these 7 items. Calculator, comb, lipIce lipbalm, Kikki K planner, iPhone, wallet & lastly new added #88 love life book.
You should  buy the book if you haven't. Nice illustration and meaningful quotes. You will feel more optimistic after reading it. The author is from Indonesia. 
If you interested to get the book, and you are from Malaysia too, you can contact me. I can give you the seller's whatsapp. He sells ready stock of the book ☺️👍

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