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BKK~2nd day (Part 2)

The road trip to HuaHin takes around 2-3 hours,if I'm not wrong.
We all surely tired as we all slept along the journey.
Except the handsome driver not sleeping lol :P

We were supposed to go Swiss Sheep Farm but 
rained suddenly. Therefore,we just passed by Swiss Sheep Farm
and the driver suggested we go to The Venezia first.
When we reached The Venezia,the rain had stopped.

There is a few different package for entering The Venezia.
The Venezia is not only a shopping village,it features quite a few attractions like
mini zoo,3D Art Gallery,upside down house and etc.
If you haven't been to The Venezia,can go in for once,even though I personally
think not...really...worth.. But only once in a life time haha :)

We had chose Package A which costs 280Baht/person (actual price:550Baht)
and we can go into 3D Art Gallery,Trevi Park,Mini Zoo,Mini Europe,free ride on mini train
and also free King & Queen photo. We decided not to go into the Upside Down House
because we had been to one in Malacca,Malaysia and think it will also be the same
upside down,just different theme :P

Family photo at Trevi Park.
So so sad that I didn't notice my camera lens got dust and resulted 
all the photos taken on the 2nd half day were all blurred at the same part.
Like above photo,just next to Mr Hubby's face,can you notice the blurred? :(

Everyone loves angel wing <3 p="">
Me too!! 
A lof of photos taken duing my trip to BKK & HuaHin but I will just 
chose the nicest to share here. If you interested in seeing the others,welcome 
to add me at Facebook. I like making friends :)

So coincidently,there was photo shooting when we were at The Venezia.
I think is Bollywood movie.
Some of the sexy dancers waving at me when I took photo of them.

Here we were again exploring another 3D Art Gallery.
Especially my dad,who likes making various expressions when taking photograph
in a 3D art gallery.

This is the funniest!! Somehow,I think the funniest part is that our heads 
are not in the correct proportion to the body.

Even my youngest daughter knew how to take a successful-looking-real photo.

Wow!! Boat ride at dangerous waterfall?

This one my favourite too! And now you must be envious of me to
have such a humorous,sporting father :)

In the mini train. It goes around The Venezia,while you resting in the train,
you got to see all the nice scenery in the train.

Our King & Queen photo. Now after I'm back,I just realised
what is it means FREE KING & QUEEN PHOTO when I didn't even see
any photographer there offering to take photograph of us?? Don't tell me,
the gown and the crown we wore ourselves and taking photos by our ownself
is so-called FREE PHOTO?! 

We didn't went into the mini zoo,just half way only...because 
it is seriously DAMN SMELLY & I CAN'T STAND IT!
If I was really walked into it,I think I will vomit..>.<

The next destination after The Venezia is Market Village HuaHin.
Shopping time! Not really shop a lot here though. I prefer night market
as the stuff selling in night markets is way cheaper and same nice too.


We checked in to Royal Pavilion Hotel at around 6pm(Thailand Time).
I booked from
Surveyed a few site like, Agoda & etc...
Found that this site offers the cheapest. Not really remembered the price,
I know I should have jot it down. Next time,I will jot down all the details
so that I can share it here. I wanna start blogging about my travel journey hehe..
We booked 2 rooms,2 extra beds
for our group of 6 adults 3 kids. 
 I checked back my email,total is 5,982Baht
for 2 rooms,2 extra beds, 2 adults 3 kids (extra person) charges.
And also buffet breakfast for all of us!

Worth the stay,clean & spacious. I always opt for a clean hotel.
Most importantis the cleanliness for me as I have quite sensitive skin.
I once slept in Primaland Port Dickson and the whole night
was a sleepless night. Itchy whole night,like there is something biting me,OMG!!

The 2nd I look out in a hotel is free wifi & breakfast. Hehehe...

We went to Chatsila Night Market and had our dinner there.
It is very near Royal Pavilion Hotel and this is the reason why I chose Royal Pavilion Hotel.
As our van service ended in the evening,so we can walked ourselves to the night market
and won't get lost because it is just at the front road of our hotel.
Didn't go to Chatchai Night Market because it opens in the weekend only.

Didn't take any photos at the night market as I was too busy shopping hehe!!
With hands of shopping plastic bags,how to still take photos? Hehe :P
Spent almost 3 hours ++ and then back to hotel,bathed and my mom,my brother & his wife
and me went to foot massage. Why only us?? Mr Hubby was too tired from all the walks,so
he stayed in hotel taking care of daughters. Dad tired too,but the main reason he didn't want to have 
foot massage was because of his feet not so nicely look,& he was shy. 

Before to foot massage, we went up to Blue Sky Bar to redeem free drinks.
Forgot to mention,free drinks included too for our stay at Royal Pavilion Hua Hin Hotel.

Always not missing any photograph opportunity :P

While waiting for our drinks. Oh,btw...that's my brother's wife if you don't
know her already. My so-called 'twins' daughters hehe..


Foot massage was their first time having...except me.
So,quite excited especially my mom & my brother's wife.
My mom even screamed out when she feels 'geli' being foot massage.
This foot massage parlor near our hotel. Just in front of our hotel.
The name: You and Me Massage.
Costs 250Baht/person for 1 hour foot massage,free head,neck & shoulder massage.

After the foot massage,back to hotel continue surfing Internet :)

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