Sunday, July 17, 2016

BKK~3rd Day (Part 1)

3rd day wake up at 7.30am(Thailand time). The driver said no need wake up so early,
he picked us up at 9.00am. So,we woke up and prepared ourselves,off to had our breakfast.
After the luxurious buffet breakfast at Royal Pavilion Hua Hin Hotel,
we took the chance to have a group photo while waiting the hotel staff
doing our checked-out.

Same T-shirts!!! We bought from Chatsila Night Market :)
Planned wearing the same shirt hehe...

Our 1st destination today: Hua Hin Railway Station.
It is one of the oldest station in Thailand.

 Thanks to our driver who helped us to take this photo.

He is indeed a very nice & friendly driver + tour guide :)
He captured a few very 'natural' photos of us without us knowing,
and by the end of the trip,he sent all the photos to me.

We spent around 20 minutes here including the time shopping for hats...

There is a van selling souvenirs there,and my parents wanna buy hats,
so we stopped for a while before continue our journey to the next destination.

She sure is very cute,even the driver also requested her
to pose for a photo:)


Then we head to Plearnwan Eco Vintage Village.
Another MUST VISIT attraction in Hua Hin. 
Entrance fee is FREE,so why not dropping by if you have time.
 Plearnwan is not big,mostly of the shops here selling antique,vintage stuff,
souvenirs,childhood toys, clothes (I like the clothes selling here,very special,bought a few)
and also variety kinds of yummy foods & snacks.

 Take the wooden staircase to the 1st floor and here,you will find 
all the stalls selling foods.

Among all the yummy foods,I bought only this one.
Super like this,and now tell you what...I'm so missing its flavour now :(

I like places like this where you can take photos & shopping at the same time.

 My dad said,"Thailand man + Japanese woman." LOLOL...

The 2nd day was a bit gloomy & rain, but 3rd day was sunny day.
Good for photo-shooting(photos clear & nice)
But all eyes cannot open :P

While they were shopping,and I happened to saw my dad and 
my youngest daughter sitting just outside the shop,turning on the shop owner's fan
and resting there,waiting for them finish bargaining, I captured this nice moment into a photo.
How lovely!!

We were at Plearnwan not very long,around 1 hour like that.
Then we off to Swiss Sheep Farm.

**To be continue**

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