Saturday, July 30, 2016

BKK~3rd Day (Part 2)

We continued to Swiss Sheep Farm.
Another popular tourist spot,must visit if you never been to here.
Entrance fee: 120Baht/adult, 80Baht/child.
The entrance ticket can exchange for some grass to feed the sheeps there.
So,don't throw away the ticket after you entered :)

We use the entrance ticket to redeem the grass :)

Feeding time. Quite fun because there is a few lambs which are not in the barn,
they will follow us but they won't attack people,haha!! Actually they were following the grass
in our hands lol...

My Japanese mummy :)

My brother's wife is so funny!! She afraid of the little lamb 'snatching' her grass,
so she hold the grass high up above her head! That's so funny right!!

My dad bonding time with the lamb :)
Elder daughter & lamb bonding time too..She wasn't looking at the camera
because she scared the lamb will attack her,haha!! 

Most 'natural' of me :) Taken by Mr Hubby.
I like seeing photo of me smiling big. Looks cute! Haha!!!
I was actually afraid the lamb will 'lick' me hahaha!!!
That is why I kept laughing and asked whether Mr Hubby already took
the photo.

They were in the 'frame'...

Couple apparels :))
Same shirt, same pants. Bought this same colourful pants from
Hua Hin night market.

Mr Hubby + Mrskitty Yi = 3 cute princesses :P

I'm always a little kid lol...I like swings.

Can you spot me?? 
Super sunny day and so we hurried ourselves to the next destination,
Santorini Park before we back too Bangkok.


The entrance fee for Santorini Park is 50Baht for resident,
while 150Baht for non-resident like us.
This place very suitable for family because it have shopping area,theme park
for the kids to play,and pretty spots to take pictures with. A lot of Instagram worthy picture.

Must-have photo at Santorini Park.
Mr Hubby said the Thais surely like ferris wheel because 
almost all tourist spot have ferris wheel. I like it too.
Feels like I'm back to childhood.

I think we stand too faraway from the camera.
Looking so tiny!

I like this photo so much! My elder daughter looks so cute with her 
'new friend' in this photo :)

Taking a rest because our legs hurt a lot after too many walks.

Even the toilet there has decoration in it.
I'm not kidding! This photo taken with so many parrots
was in the toilet :P

Not much photos taken here,I think because everyone already tired.
As when we back to BKK,everyone slept in the van except our handsome driver haha!!

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