Saturday, March 4, 2017

Blessed Gift 2017

2017 Valentine's Gift from Mr Hubby...

Endless handbag :P
I had no idea why I like to buy bags.
I had quite a few already but everytime I saw a new one,
I feel I wanna get it. Like,can't sleep if I didn't buy it back,haha!!

My sister bought me very cute Hello Kitty mask from Singapore.

The mask is Hello Kitty face.

I got myself a gift too :P
Hello Kitty X Line Friends Pen Figurines from
7-11 Taiwan.

Super cute,right!! Collectible items :)
All Hello Kitty fans should get these.
Thanks to my online BFF,Angel for intro this set to me.

And I also got myself a new perfume.
This time,try my favourite brand's perfume.
I like the smell. I think I finally found 'my perfume'. ❤️

Bought this Hello Kitty manual fan from
Cameron Highlands.

Useful when travelling.
I had a pink manual fan but it isn't Hello Kitty branded.
So,when I saw this,I know I should buy it!

 McDonald's Happy Meal Toy fans, hurry to McDonald's Malaysia.
Just released this Thursday, My Melody Happy Meal toy.

This is the 1st toy: My Melody Letter Set.
Aww...❤️❤️❤️ too cute.
So pinky. Another 3 weeks to complete set.

 By the way, just done soft rebonding to my hair.

The very 1st step to launch my long hair journey is...back to straight hair.
 I dislike this hair colour result from the rebonding cream. 
But is fine. I will go salon later to dye my hair.
This colour is just so...not me!

How? Do I look younger? :P Hahaha!!!

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