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Suet Yi. 32 years old
*nickname* Mrskitty Yi
Malaysian Chinese,
who can't read Chinese
Full-time wife,Full-time mama
Full-time clerk at an office,
Part-time online seller,
Part-time blogger,
Part-time iPhone & Android themer

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"No kidding! We cycled all the way up to the hill. I think that's the reason all the tourists here keep on looking at us."

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Week 2 & 3 Happy Meal Toy

So fast already the 3rd week of Happy Meal Toy released.
Are you My Melody fans? Have you get your My Melody from
Happy Meal McDonald's Malaysia?

They are super sweet in pink and worth to get it.
Week 2 we have My Melody Pen Stand.

So cute right!! Anything in pink & it is either Hello Kitty or My Melody,
I sure cannot stand. Too cute!!!

Week 3 there is Kuromi Folding Mirror.
Kuromi is My Melody's rival.

So,another week to go to complete full set.
Malaysia McDonald's only released 4 item but heard 
that Japan McDonald's have 6 items. 
There is a My Melody bottle pouch and I want that one badly..
Anyone going to Japan recently? Can buy it for me? :P

I'm so happy to received this Hello Kitty tempered glass screen protector.
The pink one I'm using all these time had finally RIP.
I search in Aliexpress,ebay,and Shopee.
Found this cute in pink screen protector from Shopee. 

It is pre-order,I had patiently waited for 2 weeks for it to arrive.
And I nearly scream once I opened the parcel,saw the screen protector.
It is front and back, 1 set. And I hope this screen protector will 
accompany me till I change phone,ok? :)

I ordered a customized name on baby milk bottle shape cover.
This baby milk bottle cover,I had it for my Iphone 6 last time.
When my iphone get stolen that day,it is wearing this cover.
So,I have phobia towards this cover.
I like this cover so much, but because of that incident,
I don't want to see this cover which will remind me of the incident.

Anyway,time pass. Already 2 years,maybe..? 
Now I can use this cover..:)
TGIF :) The day I always waiting since I started working.
Today so free at office that I can update my blog here.
Life's so great! Happy weekend everyone ♥

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