Sunday, March 12, 2017

Hello Kitty Jolly Red X Hong Leong Bank

Hello Kitty Jolly Red merchandise from Hong Leong Bank Malaysia.

Thanks Mr Hubby for the deposit ♥
Got all the 3 items in 1 shot.

Hello Kitty Long Umbrella.

Hello Kitty Towel.

Hello Kitty Water Bottle.

Deposit RM2k to get the water bottle, RM6k for the towel
and RM10k for the umbrella. 
Deposit earmark for 4 months,which means you cannot
withdraw the deposit within 4 months. 
If you withdraw,there is a penalty.
RM30 penalty for the water bottle, RM60 for the towel and 
RM80 for the umbrella.
Therefore,I won't touch the deposit so that all these 3 items are FREE! Hehehe...

I heard from online friend that you can deposit lesser by swipe and go.
There is a machine at the counter where you can swipe certain amount and deposit
lesser to get the Hello Kitty merchandise.
Swipe RM5 and deposit half amount (RM1k) to get the water bottle.
That means you need to pay RM5 lol...

For more details can visit here:

By depositing, you have the chance to win the limited edition Hello Kitty gold bar.
Hope I can win it ♥

No more bad hair day! Hehehe...
Super in love with my new hairstyle.
Just like...finally found 'my hairstyle'. 

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