Wednesday, October 6, 2010

air freshener✿◕‿◕✿

i am back.This few days i am not feeling very wellPhotobucket
Terribly unwellPhotobucketSymptom of an expectant mummyPhotobucketPhotobucket 
Last time when i was expecting my both daughters,i didn't had this unwell feeling.
This time is rather special..So today a bit better.Just a bit itchy here & there.
i had started consume doctor's givenPhotobucket vitamins and also bought Anmum Materna milkPhotobucketPhotobucket
Everyday will drink 2 glasses for my unborn babyPhotobucketAnd also strictly no junk food!!!Photobucket
Start having healthy mealPhotobucketPhotobucket every breakfast,lunch Photobucket dinnerPhotobucket 
i drink quite plenty of waterPhotobucket tooPhotobucket
Let's continue our story.This is PhotobucketPhotobucketair freshener.
My shop got sell this.But in red colour.This is the only pink that i got from the supplier.
Still left a few in my shop.But not for the PhotobucketPhotobucketelectronic digital bathroom scale Photobucket the PhotobucketPhotobucketiron.
Both of them really fast sold out!
So,behind the package box,there is a little description.
From the piccy above,you can see that it is not only for car as air freshener,
it can be put in dining room or even toilet.
PhotobucketPhotobucketi gotta go.My daughters calling me to help them 
'pom pom'Photobucketread: bathingPhotobucket timePhotobucket

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