Saturday, October 2, 2010

stamp pad✿◕‿◕✿

After meeting the doctorPhotobucket,straight back home
for a napPhotobucketi am so so so tired recently because of a few night of unsoundful
sleepPhotobucketWhy i had these rashes all over my body,but i can't take any pill to stop itPhotobucket
Because i am a confirmed preggy mummyPhotobucketPhotobucket
It is unsafe to consume any pillPhotobucket
i had asked the doctor for pillPhotobucket which is safe for me to consume
that can stop the itchiness which i suffered every nightPhotobucket
And also some creamPhotobucketPhotobucket to put on the itchy part of the skinPhotobucket
When i was expecting both of my daughters,i never had such itchinessPhotobucket
This is kind of specialPhotobucketThe doctor said it is normal and the hormone changes that happened in our body affected us with itchiness,skin dry or some preggy mummyPhotobucketPhotobucket even will have
darker skinPhotobucket
i likePhotobucket the feeling of preggy mummyPhotobucketPhotobucket
even though i had rashes and icthiness all over my bodyPhotobucket
Even though my skin is not as smooth as beforePhotobucket
Even though i do not get enough Photobucket every nightPhotobucket
i also got the chance to wear some cute babydoll dressesPhotobucketPhotobucket
that i once hadPhotobucket

As usual i will share my Photobucket collections herePhotobucket
Today we have Photobucket stamp padPhotobucketi had a collection of stamp pad setPhotobucket
PhotobucketRefer to the piccy PhotobucketbelowPhotobucket Very messy in the box,please ignore thatPhotobucket
i am the kind of person who very lazy in tidying thingsPhotobucket

That's for todayPhotobucketi wanna go join my hubbyPhotobucketPhotobucket & both daughterPhotobucketPhotobucket playing PS2Photobucket

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