Friday, October 1, 2010


i am currently at Kuantan my daddy'sPhotobucket&Photobucketmummy's PhotobucketsweetPhotobucket
PhotobucketPhotobucketFetching some stocks to my branch there
Photobucket also to meet doctor for check-up tomorrowPhotobucketPhotobucket
So,i got brought my laptopPhotobucket this time as i think of updating my blogPhotobucket
Updating blog while waiting my brother fetching Photobucket Ribena for mePhotobucket

My new Photobucket most favour now,Photobucket die-cut transparent pursePhotobucket
or you can call it,pouchPhotobucket
But,i prefer calling it pencil case as
i used it to put my stationery in itPhotobucket
i can't stand seeing the soft pastel pink PhotobucketPhotobucket
It is just soPhotobucketPhotobucketsoPhotobucketCUTE

For sure,i will took this too,
Photobucket die-cut transparent shoulder bagPhotobucketPhotobucket
This bagPhotobucket comes in 3 colours,pastel pinkPhotobucketwhitePhotobucketpink
The pink is like hot pinkPhotobucketToo brightPhotobucket
Of course i chose pastel pink which is like a set
with the Photobucket die-cut transparent pouchPhotobucket

TA~DAPhotobucketthe setPhotobucket
The advantage of transparent bagPhotobucket is when you want to look
for a thing in the bag,it is way much easierPhotobucket
That will be betterPhotobucketNot like beforePhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketHubby asked me to take out
the house key for him,and i look look lookPhotobucket
After 1/2 minutes,when he realised i still hadn't find the key out,
he was babbling me,'what a rubbish bag!'Photobucket
So now,no more this kind of incident will happen againPhotobucket
Ok for nowPhotobucketi want go to zzZZzzPhotobucket

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