Friday, October 26, 2012

Wishlist Checked(ミ・。・ミ)

Hello,Happy Holiday to all Malaysians!!
For me,it is the same even though it is 
public holiday.Everyday seems like
holiday for me...@.@
We didn't go anywhere these few days
even though it is public holidays.
Mr Hubby need to save money
for our trip to Thailand.
Yes,we will go to Thailand next Chinese New Year.
With my beloved parents,and brother & sister.

Hello Kitty mop(and it is in face shape,ok!)
& Hello Kitty pail.
1 of the many many items in my wishlist checked.
Cleansing job with these will definitely brighten up my day.
But,i still haven't use it...How am i going to make kitty face dirty..
No,for sure i won't!

Okay,still about my birth day.
See what i got from Singapore.
Seems like im living in Singapore.
No...i asked my best online friend,Winnie
to help me buy this from Watsons Singapore
(if im not wrong)
Lucky me to have Singapore friend,
because i noticed Singapore always has amazing 
hello kitty stuff. 
These also from Watsons Singapore.
It is toothbrush holder.
2 for me & Mr Hubby
while the other 2 for both my daughters.
Complete set! Colourful...and cute!

New plugy i got from Mr Hubby's brother shop.
For my baby iphone.
Sorry,im really addicted to shopping.
But all girls love shopping,isn't it? 
Ok,gotta prepare myself out for dinner with in-laws.
Bye,see you again!

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