Monday, October 29, 2012

Morning Post(ミ・。・ミ)

Good Morning world!!!
Glad to see me waking up so early in the morning.
Now the time is 7.34 am.
Just after fetching my daughters to school.
Mr Hubby requested me to fetch them
as he is not feeling very well.
At first,i really don't feel to wake up.
(im a certified lazy pig,xD)
But now,feeling fresh even though i haven't 
brush my teeth,clean my face.Haha..

Kittylicious lunch by me yesterday~
Looks yummy & delicious but how about the taste?
Hehe...i don't know.i think is ok.
But my daughters and Mr Hubby complimented me.
*shy at that time
Not that im a very smart cook.
i don't know cooking like what i had always said.
i never cook,but Mr Hubby had bought the magic pot.
Just put the ingredients & seasonings into it,
press stir-fry,fry,steam or stew,and it will
do the rest...It is really a good pot and time-save.
Suitable for those who doesn't know how to cook
(just like me) Haha!!

Oppa Baby Style...muahaha!!!

The motorbike seems like bigger than her..>.<
My father-in-law puts her on the motorbike
and asked me to have a look..@.@

Recently a lot of my wish list items checked.
This is another one.
Searching for ages & finally got it from Eileen Tan (Singaporean)
Hello Kitty Paper Shredder.
Woowoowoooh....very very cute,isn't it??
Yes,i think so so so in love with this!

Ok,till here then.

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