Thursday, October 11, 2012

Birth Day(ミ・。・ミ)

October is my birthday month.
Every year,looking forward to this month.
But,this year October im facing not a very good situation.
If you read my previous post,you got what i meant.
Those money-suckers!!!
i will still celebrate my birthday happily,like 
what Mr Hubby told me.
He assures me nothing to worry.

Birthday wishes sincerely from SK-II with my name on the card.
But,happier if SK-II gifted some of their products for me
on my birthday...*wicked smile.

My birthday is on the 15th this month.
Can't wait!! 
Last month,Malaysia McDonald's released 
this love series of hello kitty figurines.
4 to collect.Each released in a week.
But,i bought this set from Singapore.
Singapore released earlier and i had asked
my friend's help to bought them.
After finish collecting the 4,then only i knew Malaysia
released the same set...@.@
i knew earlier Malaysia will distribute Hello Kitty toys this September
from a good kitty friend,but not sure whether is the same with Singapore.
Is okay,i got the complete set too,just a bit pricey after adding postage
to Malaysia from Singapore if compare buying in Malaysia.
Hello Kitty bathroom water ladle.
Not intended to buy this at first because 
i wanna find the face shape water ladle,but failed.
So,lastly bought this first..

Hello Kitty tableware storage box.
Another item in my wish list checked!
So,im trying my best to make my kitchen,
my lil home to be sweet,pink and kittylicious!
Every item will be hello kitty or in pink...
This is a very big big project,
need a lot of time,effort and also money
to get it done...Of course with Mr Hubby's help.

Okay,gotta stop my crap till here.
Mr Hubby is again waiting for me to 
watch Hong Kong drama~
Nite Nite =)

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