Friday, July 19, 2013

Circus Time(ミ・。・ミ)

im totally,feeling myself so blessed and lucky(quite exaggerated) to have this Hello Kitty Circus Full Set just released this month at Hong Kong McDonald's.Ok,for those non-HelloKitty lovers,they never will understand how satisfied & excited i feel when I got hold of this set.Of course all the long way from Hong Kong.

So,this set consists of 5 plushies,starting the 2nd from left,Animal Tamer,Clown,Jumbo Elephant,Chimp & Trapeze. The 1st at left is Magician & the most right one is Dare Devil. Both these are limited edition plushies.All come with cute boxes,grateful that all the boxes didn't spoilt during delivery.

There is a shining tasty card which has the Kitty jumbo elephant.Extra 1 more item that im surprised to receive is a mini notepad(only few pages) which is printed with the circus theme character.Also included a very cute pop-up book which you can put the plushies into it and act like they are in real circus..:)

26pcs of alphabets cards. Front and back printed with cute images.Lesson time with these surely full of fun,don't you agree? Hehe...

Every hello kitty junkies have been talking about this latest circus theme set from Hong Kong McDonald's since last month.Therefore,you will know how excited m i when i really have this set,and it is full set,girl!!

They are now nicely and comfortably placed together with all the McDonald's series plushies set..xD

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