Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Deco Deco(ミ・。・ミ)

First,before i sharing my story about deco here,to clarify something. You can have a look at my cute cbox at the right sidebar which is now contaminated with some drama queen virus! Yes!! The first using 'Hello' nickname to comment,actually im ignoring that because i think who is her to give such expert opinion? Fashion police or the Sanrio police?? LMFAO..

The 2nd comment is from someone who prefer us to call her R.T (why not naming it E.T? Just joking!) She is cyber-bullying me,blaming me for lying to the whole world about the custom made super kawaii iPhone case that I had.Read her message for me in the cbox. First,please use your smart brain to think,if i lie,then where the case come from? From a triad boss who can't show herself to the world so i need to make a lie about it? If it is my handmade,then that's good! i can earn an amount by custom made and sell to others!! What for to not admit i made it? Yeah,actually the case is dropped from the sky & i happen to pick it up on the road when im going out of my house.LMFAO again!!

This is only the Internet world,not the real world my dear! Please grow up,stop cyber-bullying. And if you really need a place to express your childishness or stupidity,this is NOT the place,please fucking get out from my blog! Mr Hubby told me before,when someone is POPULAR,there is always a few who likes to criticize her/him. Just like the Asia top blogger,Xiaxue. She always get nasty comment about her & her baby! Mr Hubby said this kind of pity loser attention seeker drama queen is always out there searching for their victim. By saying nasty words to others,they feel better themselves! Therefore,i didn't choose to remove the cbox when i can just remove it from my blog. That totally means saying these words can't make me mad & angry! Saying here just to clarify for YOU who leave the message for me!

Yes is this case that made people going crazy & saying me because of can't get this case! For your info,i purchased this case RM400++ and the cute Marie the cat plugy for RM100++. im not boasting about the price! Please stop reading & get out from here if you hate what im saying or think im boasting. i didn't welcome you. This is my own way of writing in a diary. i had ordered 3 more custom made home button from the seller. Will share soon in my Instagram and haters,stay tuned to browse my Instagram pic. The home button also made from the same material and so,super matching with the case & plugy. Please don't say me lying again when it is true from the seller.

Have a thoroughly think! Why the seller doesn't accept your request? She is currently busy? She not so close with you that she might afraid you back out? This not 2-3 Ringgits things..xD Or actually the case is over your budget? Ah...i don't know & not wish to know. Not my business either. Ok,gotta end the discussion about this trivia matter. Any message leaving in the cbox that isn't nice to hear will be ignored! Thanks!

Had booked an appointment with the manicurist for my pedicure session. Finally a new pattern! Hehehe..very satisfied with the outcome. Sweet! Tonight wanna go McD drive-thru for Happy Meal because of minions..So,goodbye all my lovely friends,& not to forget you,my haters! Haters gonna hate..Don't hate so much,if not you will look older than your age..:)

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