Thursday, July 25, 2013

Minion Impossible(ミ・。・ミ)

Yesterday 12 midnight, i went out alone to McDonald's for my minion impossible mission. Mr Hubby helped me to babysit our 3 kids while i went to buy minions. Using Drive-Thru method because im quite shy to queue alone(haha!!) & the queue is extremely long till the road..@.@

Oh,yes,about the anonymous who leave message for me in my cbox. After login to my cbox account and detected her/his(I think is a 'her' because is there any guy will do such kepo thing?) IP address,have a search, and it is somewhere in Kuching,Sarawak,Malaysia. i will try ask my brother who knows some Telekom workers whether can help me check the owner's name to this IP address. Because detected it is a streamyx account under Telekom.

im a certified famous people,lol! Ya,my mom said there will be certain people playing this role to complete our life.Means not all people in our life is good and kind,there is some mean,nasty and drama queen..But life still need to carry on,im still me with my loving family & 24/7 Mr Hubby leading a blissful life. This won't change even she leave hundred or thousand message there.So this cbox matter we gotta hold till here first.

Back to my minion story. About 1 am,i managed to buy the last 2 minion, Jerry Breakdancing & Evil Minion Noisemaker./

Wondering where the other 4 minions have gone. As earlier i posted before photo of the first 3 released but not the 4 in the 2nd & 3rd week. The 2nd week i didn't manage to go out on time to buy them because Mr Hubby sick!Desperately me searching for the 2 minions,luckily a Singaporean friend got extra the yellow one while the purple bought from a Facebook friend who have extra & willing sell to me. That's how we use Internet! Getting to know more helpful friends & not cyber-bullying~Misuse the power of Internet!

And my beloved sister had helped me to get the 2 minions released in the 3rd week. Therefore,i have 1 compete set. Wait till they arrive to me,promise will share it here..=)

With blogpress app suggested by Meijoyce, i can now update new post regularly from my iPhone. Very very convenient and you all can often enjoy reading my post,hehehe...!
Tomorrow is public holiday,so,where to go? No,nowhere as need to save some money for our next holiday trip..How about you? Have a nice weekend,friends!

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