Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Resting the whole day today because i was attacked by Mr Headache & Miss Stomache! Both came visit me the same time.i always feel grateful to have a 24/7 Mr Hubby. Just like my newly made header above. Asking my biggest accomplishment? Married to Mr Hubby! Why do i say so?(By the way,do you like my blog header? i super love it!Suits me well,shopaholic!)

im a quite lazy lady,FYI.Whenever i had stomachache,headache or mosquito bites,i will only complaining the pain or itchiness(doing nothing) Mr Hubby is always the one bringing the 'minyak cap kapak'(medicated oil) towards me & help me massage the oil to the affected area..:) He never being the lazy one,he is always the diligent one.Even after we had married for almost 10 years,he is still the same. Never fail to protect me! im so grateful to have him accompany me.

My new 'meow' handbag. Isn't it cute? Yes,i really use it.Using it last Saturday when i went back to Kuantan.This is such a cutie that it caught a lot of people's attention..xD
Last Thursday,McD Malaysia had MinionRush as their Happy Meal toy.

3 released at the same day.Bought the 3 of them. They are super cute!Haha..

So far,this is my 2nd plushie. How to resist sucha cute soft colour plushie?? Especially when it is holding a lil penguin~ New watermark made by myself.im quite satisfied with the result.Yes,i accept custom made watermark for people. If you are interested,you are welcome to LINE me(mrskittyyi) or email me(kittysuetyi@gmail.com) for the price and details.

Street Fighter X Sanrio collaboration. The price for the plushie quite expensive..>.< Wish to collect all the Street Fighters characters but budget budget(FYI,i overspent again this month) So,i had chose to get ChunLi as she is my favorite character since i got to know this game. i think a lot girls like ChunLi too!!Actually i also bought the figurine set which consists of 2 Street Fighters characters but according to the seller,the figurine set haven't arrive. Ah..almost forgot to mention the seller. If you are interested to get 1 or 2 for yourself,you can get this from Toywiz Malaysia(Facebook account)They have shop in Sungei Wang if im not wrong.

Think that's all for today. Mr Headache haven't gone,but luckily miss Stomachache already left this afternoon.

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