Monday, March 3, 2014

HelloKitty X Licca-chan Dollhouse(ミ・。・ミ)

Had ordered this from Japan and finally it arrived to me. 
It is HelloKitty X Licca-chan portable dollhouse. Not a fan of Licca doll,but it is collaboration with HelloKitty,I'm surely cannot miss it! By the way,I think it fits for Blythe doll,right? Hehehe...
Another view of the dollhouse.

Started to build it. I enjoy the process of DIY 
rather than the outcome of it. 

1 side of the dollhouse. Super like all the item in Hello Kitty themed. Such as,the alarm clock, the die-cut TV, the smartphone,bento box & etc.. 

The robot vacuum cleaner is damn cute! Looks like real one. OMG!! 
My dolls will be so happy haha!! 
That's the reason I like Japan made stuff. All their stuff are so detailed made.

One lazy morning they busy preparing their breakfast. Yes,I bought a mini-sized kitchen for them. It is from Mydeal.

It fits perfectly into my dolls' roombox.
I'm so envy my dolls because they have such cute kittyfied kitchen.

Anyway,this is the post i posted using Blogtouch for Blogger app from my iphone.
For the moment,this app can consider good.
But,somehow,i still can't adjust the photo size to the size that i usually set.
Think need to spend a little time exploring about this.

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