Thursday, March 20, 2014

Random post(ミ・。・ミ)

I actually quite dislike giving title to my post because sometimes I really can't think of an interesting-caught-attention title. 
Just like this post's title. Just simply named it lol...

Wanna share some Hello Kitty stuff which I had got for myself recently. 
Hello Kitty laundry basket. 
Authentic from Korea. I'm selling this(this is mine) and you are lucky,it is ready stock. For you who interested, may contact me via Facebook if you are my fb friends. Wechat or LINE mrskittyyi also can..:)

A girl actually complaining about this laundry basket size too small that it can't keep a week clothes! OMG!! She washes her clothes once every week?? Very very not hygiene. I know,maybe she is staying alone so only her clothes,not so many. I'm washing everyday even the clothes only reach 1/4 of my washing machine sometimes. Nah,that's excuse for not buying it.. If you really a Hello Kitty fans, you will buy it. I had never seen before Hello Kitty laundry basket that is bigger than this. 

New iPhone 4 cover for my iPhone. 
So chio right! I used the press-on nails that I bought from Sanrio Gift Gate in Sunway Pyramid just to capture this photo. Haha!! Then,remove the nails and keep it nicely in the box. 

My brother's 1st present for me lol..
It is a Hello Kitty powerbank. 
Oh,don't ask me how much it costs. Is a gift from my brother(as told earlier) so,I really didn't know how much!
I didn't ask him..I lost count of how many powerbank I have now,haha!!! 

Ordered for myself a Hello Kitty pop phone.
3 colours available,black white and pink. 
Confirm take pink! Hehe!!

It has a button for you to answer and end a call. Now I can long talk with my mom without worrying about phone radiation.

If bring this out and talking using this,I think will get a lot of attention from strangers haha!! 
It is just so cute,right! Really 'beh-tahan'.

A very cute Hello Kitty container for sugar,salt or pepper..or anything you wanna put. Had been eyeing this for quite some time.
Finally,got it for myself and some extras for sale. But already sold out now. Left last one,this. It is mine,hehe!! 
Like the cute small spoon that comes with the container. Super cute! And lastly I had decided to put salt. Ah..when will my kitchen become more kittylicious?? 

Recently,my elder daughter,Daychelle dislike school homeworks. She like going to school,she like study but not loads of homework. I think she is starting to build up fear feeling towards homework. Everyday,she needs to do 7-8 homeworks overall. 
So,it is quite tiring as after school,she needs to attend activities in school for every Monday & Wednesday,while extra tuition every Tuesday & Thursday. After that,she will be in tuition classes everyday till 7pm only back home,have dinner and then not rest,still need do school homework. You can imagine how tiring for her..:( 
Just like Annabelle in the pic. 
I'm not a good mom,you may say. As I didn't help my daughter but playing with my doll and setting up this scene,captured the photo of my doll. But who knows! I got accompany my daughters while they are doing their school homework.. This playing with doll only occurs during my daughters' sleep time. 
And that is me-time. 

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