Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 90(ミ・。・ミ)

Addicted to Dayre. Quite like 1 of its feature which you can put or not put title to your post. It's title will be the day counting from new year! I don't know what title to put,so I just wrote Day 90 for today's post.

Recently,Malaysia really really hot. Life without air-conditioning is unbearable. 
And a must for this period of hot and sunny.
ABC Ice-cream.

Had ordered this Hello Kitty keys and letter box from a Facebook seller before Chinese New Year. This month only get it. Long time huh?? 
It is RM108. Bought this to replace my old spoilt keybox. 
Inside view.

My elder daughter saw this and asked me what to put inside at the front part. I told her that's the space for the letters we receive from outside letter box.
But,it depends on people. You can put whatever you like,isn't it? Hehe...

Got a new colourful unicorn case from an Instagram seller. She sells this kind of simple back cover very cheap. Only RM10. Cheap,right?!! This is her Instagram account and you can follow her for new updates of smartphone covers. @perfectme__
Got one for my Note 2. 

On last 20th March,SPM result out and a lot of Form 5 students posting their result in Facebook. I also join,haha!!
My SPM result 13 years ago...
I'm quite proud of myself to have this result and I got quite a lot of compliments when FB friends saw this pic. Most of them are not my school friends, so they didn't know I had such good result! Haha!! But,at that time,when I took the result,I feel a bit disappointed because I can't get straight As' just like my PMR result. 
Time really really flies!! 13 years ago lol.. And that means I'm really old now..:( 

Ah,change topic. Let's enjoy my Cindy's photo.
Wanna have some donut and pudding?

Or kittylicious hot lunch cooked by Cindy? Hehehe...
I'm just so loving my Hello Kitty re-ment. Heard there will be a new set release this May. Ah...need to save money to buy lol...

Besides Hello Kitty,I like Furby too! 
Last Thursday,McDonald's Malaysia just finish releasing the last Furby plushies.. Total 4 of them and 1 in a week.
My daughters are very willing to eat the Happy Meal set than getting the Furby plushies..Therefore,I can have all the 4 plushies.. Mr Hubby said me again,said I'm like a kid, even childish than my 2 elder daughters...@.@ 

I feel quite angry just now. Met with a very unreasonable customer. She complained about the item she bought from me,is dirty. So,I asked her to send it back to me and I refund her. That's a great solution for customer,I believe. I will handle the item with my supplier. But,what makes me damn angry just now is,this customer still complain and keep on saying she feel sad and disappointed. What is the problem with her?? Refund not enough to heal her sadness? Do I need to kneel down and serve tea to her so she will feel fine?? I'm starting to notice people nowadays are getting crazier!! I met before with online seller that would not even bother to refund you even you complain about the item's defect. 
I think I'm being too kind, need to learn to be like those nasty mean online seller,haha!! 

Just my rant,I'm feeling much better after sharing out here..:) 

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